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The FP7 SHIWA project addresses the challenges of the coarse- and fine-grained workflow interoperability. The project created the SHIWA Simulation Platform which enables users to create and run embedded workflows which incorporate workflows of different workflow systems. The platform consists of the SHIWA Science Gateway and the SHIWA VO. The SHIWA Science Gateway contains the SHIWA portal, the SHIWA Workflow Repository, the SHIWA Proxy Server, and the SHIWA Submission Service. This current platform allows greater flexibility over the way in which the users and Workflow Developers can create, store - and re-use - their workflows. The SHIWA Submission Service, in cooperation with the SHIWA Workflow Repository and the SHIWA Portal allow greater flexibility in the way that Workflow Engines, middlewares, and associated VOs can be configured. A more detailed description of the changes can be found here.
The SHIWA Workflow Repository manages workflow descriptions, and implementations and configurations of workflows. The repository can be used by the following types of actors:
  • E-scientists: They can browse and search the repository to find and download workflows. They can use the repository without registration.
  • Workflow developers: They are the workflow owners who can upload, modify and delete workflows. They should register with the repository.
  • Workflow Engine Developers: This group represent the team which create and configure the Workflow Engines which are selectable through the repository.
  • Repository administrator: The actor who manages the repository.

To get access, please send an email to the repository administrator, with the subject "SHIWA Repository account request". Please state in your email your full name, organisation, and desired username.

Version: 3.1

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